Pick our brains

  • Is the internet required for tour•bot™ to work as advertised?
    No internet is required for tour•bot™ operation. Our experience is like yours, many to most golf courses do not have the cellular data coverage to provide a reliable scoring environment. As tour•bot™ is designed to be the fastest, less intrusive scoring system developed, it was written to be 100% self-contained, using the internet only for three information sites and to generate a line chart of total round-level scoring for a tournament (a very small subset of the program's features). Two new features added since version 1.2.0, Bump and AirPrint, both require internet access. tour•botPro™ is very internet-dependent for every thing from downloading course information to posting scores to obtain an official USGA handicap. Please see the iTunes Store description to learn more.
  • Is there a monthly subscription fee or any other costs?
    For tour•bot™, there are no additional fees are involved. Once you download tour•bot™ you have everything you will ever need to perform all of the advertised functions of the program. For tour•botPro™ there is a free membership on Handicap.Golfscoring.co required to access course information and an optional PAID annual membership in order to access all of the features of the web site and also have an official USGA handicap.
  • Do I have to register with a web site?
    For tour•bot™, no registration is required, we have built a placeholder for a username in tour•bot™ for possible future program capabilities. It will not involve requiring registration. For tour•botPro™ you must at the least register on the Handicap.Golfscoring.co website to be able to download course information. More features are available on this site for a paid annual membership.
  • Why are the Net Strokes zero or not displaying?
    Please ensure that you have established both the PAR and Handicap Ranking for your Courses. In the Courses section, touch the course you are using. From the Course Ratings detail screen, enter Edit mode and then touch the PAR & HCP Rank button to display the detail screen for PARs and Rankings. Enter the data from your score card and save. If you have already scored a round for this course, we will need to update the Net strokes information. From the Tours section, touch to Scoring button for the tour in question. Touch the event that we need to update the Net strokes for. The tour•bot™ will advise you that all holes have been scored already. Review a few of the holes and then touch Save in the upper right corner of the screen. This will update the Net strokes calculation and will correct the display of any reports from this event for this tour.
  • Any additional games being added?
    In addition to all the original games, we have added Blind9, Quota and Callaway games to tour•bot as of version 1.2.4.
  • After loading a new version, the tour•bot™ keeps randomly quitting.
    tour•bot™ requires more memory than the typical iPhone App and when your Apple device has been operating for some period of time without restarting, memory can become fragmented and that forces the tour•bot™ to quite. Frequently, upon restart of the tour•bot™, the same operation that caused the quit now works. The solution is to restart your Apple device on some regular basis and you should not have this issue with tour•bot™. If you continue to have problems, however, please contact us at info@nexus-core.com
  • Any help for loading Course ratings and slopes for US Courses?
    A golf course database for the US has been added to version 1.2.1 and later, please update to the latest version of tour•bot™. From the Courses tab, touching the + key in the upper right corner brings up a dialog that asks if you wish to retrieve a course from the courses archive or to insert a new blank course / rating (old behavior). If you select Retrieve, a new course selection screen will appear to allow you narrow down your focus by State, City, Golf Club Name, Course name. Except for State, all fields will respond to partial values (i.e. West in the city field will return all courses with the word West in the city name). Once you have narrowed down your selection to the course(s) you wish to add, touch the Add button and the tour•bot™ will add the Course information along with Course Rating and Slope. If you wish to use Detailed scoring, you must enter Par and Rank by hole. The database is offered only as a convenience feature and is not represented as a comprehensive or complete authority of Courses across the USA. It is as complete as we are able to offer for a no-charge upgrade of the tour•bot™.
  • In our tournaments, we adjust each player's course handicap for the next day's competition, can this be done?
    Version 1.3.0 has added the ability to adjust a Player's course handicap on the scoring screen at any point prior to completing scoring for that player. Touch the +/- Button to the rightside of the Player on the Scoring screen. Enter a postive or negative number to adjust the course handicap for that player. The tour•bot™ will show you the original calculated value and the new adjusted value.
  • What about Stableford scoring?
    Stableford scoring has been released in 1.0.4 and later, please update to the latest version of tour•bot™. It is available as a report option for Tour and Event Leader-boards and also Player Detail by Event reporting (v1.0.4).
  • What about Match Play scoring?
    Match Play scoring for Tour Events will be released in version 1.1.1 It includes head-to-head competitions as well as 2 Player and 4 Player best ball scoring for Match Play. We wish the process with Apple's review and approval was faster so that we could deliver these tour•bot™ enhancements faster!
  • Skins results are wrong on multi-event tours.
    This was a bug created by an error in sorting and it was corrected in version 1.1.1.
  • How can I score big tournaments faster?
    Starting in version 1.2.0, tour•bot™ now offers Bump™ technology. Bumping between iDevices will share all Tournament, Player, Events, Course, Tees and scores between the two devices in a matter of seconds. This will allow any number of foursomes to come off the course, meeting in the Club House with their iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and after entering a special mode within tour•bot, they fist-Bump, which will transfer all scoring results to the scorekeeper's iDevice, at the same time that the scorekeeper's iDevice shares with them all of the scoring results accumulated up to that point. Everything will sync, players, courses, ratings, teams, scores, and events. So basically, an exact copy of a specific tour will reside on each other's iDevice after bumping. This will reduce the entry time for the scorekeeper, because now each foursome can keep their own score and leave with a copy of all results on their own iDevice. To sync tournament information between iDevices (must be running version 1.2.0 and both devices must have the internet available either through WIFI or 3G), the designated scorekeeper setups the tournament with the courses, tees, players and event dates. They can then quickly transfer the setup to all participants on the day of the event by bumping with them. To bump a tournament, select the tour that you wish to transmit and touch the Bump icon on the right side near the top. It looks like two fists bumping. If you are receiving a new tournament from the scorekeeper, first touch the + button on the Tour screen to create a new empty tour to receive the information from the scorekeeper. Now both of your will be asked if you are the designated scorekeeper, if you are, touch Yes, else touch No. The iDevice that is receiving the setup should touch No. Next, the tour•bot™ will prompt you to bump your devices together. Gently fist-bump and in a few seconds the tour•bot™ will prompt you if you wish to connect to the bumped device. Touch Yes and the tour information will be synced. If you are not the scorekeeper, tour name, details, and game setup will be changed to match the information on the scorekeepers iDevice. Next, go play the round and when you are ready to score the tournament, just repeat these steps and all scores will be uploaded to the each iDevice. Do not bump until all scores have been entered for all players in the foursome. After all foursomes have uploaded, the tournament scorekeeper is ready to email, print or review the scores. If any foursome wants a complete copy of all scoring results, they merely need to bump again with the scorekeeper and all results will be transfered down to their iDevice. For sync to work, Courses, Tee and Ratings, and Players must be entered exactly the same on all iDevices. Any information not found to exactly match, will be added as new. Now scoring is no longer a chore! With tour•bot, we get the fun done!
  • A player dropped out of our multiday event, how do I handle the team results that they were scheduled for?
    Version 1.3.0 has added the ability for both tour or event pairings/teams to add a Player to more than one team. This will allow you to have a wildcard player fill the slot vacated by the drop-out player. In the case of a multi-day event, pairings will have to be at the event level to allow the results when all original players were present to remain. Tour-level pairings with an odd number of players is now facilitated by this change.
  • When I transfer the email contents to Excel, the information needs a lot of editing, can this be improved?
    We have modified our email output to include a separate attachment which duplicates the message content but allows for easier import into external programs. Available in version 1.1.1.
  • Those email attachments are eating up too much of my data plan!!!!
    We have modified our email output to include a gZip'ed attachment. Now all of the same great information, with less calories, er, less space. Available in version 1.2.0. gZip is open source software available free of charge, Windows version: http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/downlinks/gzip-bin-zip.php / Mac OS X built-in support, no download required.
  • Every time I run certain reports, the order of the Players listed changes, why?
    Certain reports did not have sort applied prior to output and the database from which we are pulling our information does not provide for auto-sorted the results. Starting in version 1.1.1, all reports have sorts applied.
  • Where are the front and back scores?
    In version 1.1.1, all reports have modified to include front and back scores.
  • When I read the email results on a Windows machine or in GMail, the output is unreadable.
    We discovered significant differences in HTML rendering in certain environments. This has been fixed/improved in version 1.1.1.
  • Why is the iPad screen displaying with the right or left side cut off?
    tour•bot™ is written for Portrait display only, please ensure you do not have the rotation switch locked into landscape when you start the tour•bot™. This has been corrected in version 1.0.2 and later.
  • Why does the tour•bot™ quit when deleting Teams with Pairings in place?
    Prior to version 1.2.0, you must remove all team members prior to deleting a Tour Team or Tour Event Team. Remove Team Members by first selecting the Team to edit and then touching in the lower part of the screen, the player you wish to remove from the Team. When you are finished removing all players, you may delete the team. This restriction is removed in version 1.2.0 and later.
  • The Course Handicap is incorrectly computed!
    tour•bot™ 1.0.6 has been submitted to the Apple iTunes store to fix this problem. Also, 1.0.6 incorporates a new feature for our European customers who pointed out that the USGA method of computing course handicaps is not in use in various countries of Europe. 1.0.6 has an added option under Tour Games to set App-wide treatment of the calculation of Course Handicap to European-standard of (player HCP) * ( Course Slope / 113) - Course Rating + Course total Par. The USA method is (player HCP) * Course Slop / 113. This option is available under the Games screen under tours and once set, will be applied to all tournaments within tour•bot™.
  • I am scoring a Stableford tour, and I want to skip scoring a hole for a player, how do I do this?
    Version 1.2.0 and later allows you to use quick-entry mode for Adjusted Gross Scores and will allow you to enter a -1 as a score, which has been specifically programmed to be ignored by the Stableford calculations. Unfortunately, version 1.1.0 of tour•bot™ reverses a change made in version 1.0.6 that allowed you to skip a hole using the rotary scoring tool during scoring for this purpose. Now, if you are using the rotary scoring tool, you must set the strokes to 12 and thus no Stableford score will be recorded. Version 1.2.0 offers a better solution to Stableford customers but it does cause automatic handicap calculation to no longer function properly. If you use either of these work-arounds, please remember to freeze your Player's Handicap on the Player setup screen.
  • I want to turn off handicap calculation features of tour•bot™, how do I do this?
    Version 1.1.0 introduces the ability to freeze a handicap for a Player on the Setup screen for Players.
  • The Games screen will not allow me to change the names of games 2,3,4 unless I change the Detail scoring first On or Full and then Off?
    An error in programming. This is fixed in 1.0.5 and later.
  • The Title of a 4 Player 2-Best Ball Leader-board Report is wrong!
    An error in programming. This is fixed in 1.1.0 and later.
  • The Skins Report is wrong!
    An error in programming. This is fixed in 1.1.0 and later.
  • Entering Player scores for a large tournament takes too long!
    Version 1.1.0 introduces a major scoring improvement for detailed scoring, you may now save a score by advancing the rotary tool for hole selection. You no longer have to touch Save after each hole to update the player's score for that hole, when you change to a different hole, the score on the screen will automatically be saved. So if you are scoring a tournament with a larger number of players, you will find this new feature very handy! This is fixed in 1.1.0 and later. Version 1.2.0 introduces the Quick-Entry option which further reduces the time involved to score Gross Strokes only. Please see built-in documentation of version 1.2.2 for more information.
  • On my iPad, the Tour setup screen will not allow me to scroll the Player or Courses choices.
    An error in programming for iOS version 3.2.2 for iPad. This is fixed in 1.0.5 and later.
  • Why does the tour•bot™ quit when starting on iOS v3.1.2 and lower?
    Our mistake in implementing in version 1.0.2 the startup movie for older versions of iOS. We have fixed this issue in version 1.0.4 and later.
  • Why is there an iAd switch in the iPhone Settings for tour•bot™?
    tour•bot™ ships with advertising disabled. We have been asked by curious users to provide a way to turn on iAds and to that end, we added the switch in the OFF position in iPhone Settings App. It is up to you if advertising appears within the tour•bot™. Merely leave it turned off and no ads will ever appear. If you do turn it on, advertising will only appear on the four top screens of the tab controller. Tours, Players, Courses, and Information. Ads will never appear in any other screens (such as the scoring screen) to disrupt your concentration and the flow of the game.
  • What is the difference between a USGA™ Handicap® and what tour•bot™ calculates?
    Only USGA™ licensed golf associations are allowed to issue a Handicap® index. tour•bot™ is not such an entity so tour•bot™ calculates a number to facilitate the competition between participants in the casual or ad hoc tournaments being scored by the App. It is purely a recreational calculation and may not be used in any way as a substitute for a real USGA™ Handicap® in any tournament or golf round operated under the USGA™ auspices. tour•botPro™ however, is able to offer an OFFIAL USGA handicap index for a paid annual membership.
  • What if slope and course rating is not available for the course I want to play?
    You may enter 113 for the slope which is the value for courses of average difficulty. Course rating is more difficult to estimate because it represents is the number of strokes a certain set of tees are expected to be played in by the upper-half of scratch golfers. If course rating is not available, enter the course par total for the course rating.
  • What is the difference between the two Skins games?
    Two version of "Skins" are offered, "Skin Tour" will award a "Skin" to the lowest, unmatched score among all tournament players, with a push resulting in No Skin Won. The scoring report will show all required details to understand the results. "Skin Event" allows you to establish a value per hole that will roll-over in the event of a push, increasing the value of the next hole by that amount. The Skin amount controls the value for each player of each hole, $1 a player, means each hole is worth $1 x number of players.
  • How do I setup a 2 (or 4) player best-ball competition?
    First, after creating the new tournament and while in Edit mode, touch the Games button on Tournament setup screen. When the Games screen loads, enter Edit mode again for this screen and set Detail Scoring to either "On" or "Full". This will activate the optional game features, such as Skins and Best Ball. Then touch either the "Tour" or "Event" option under 2-Player Best-Ball (or 4-Player). "Tour" allows you to make a team pairings that will ensure through any number of events scheduled for this tournament. You make "Tour" pairings on this screen by touching the "Pairings" button after selecting "Tour". "Event" requires you to pair players in the Event Scoring Screen for each Event in the Tour. This allows you to change pairings for each Event in the Tournament. Please see the built-in help for Tour Setup & Reports for more details.
  • What are the changes for version 1.0.2?
    Version 1.0.2: iOS 4.2 Tested, Fixed rare crash error when deleting tours with scores recorded, Fixed formatting error in best-ball team report, Added startup movie, Added logic to force orientation into portrait mode to avoid display corruption if started in locked landscape orientation.
  • What are the changes for version 1.0.4?
    Version 1.0.4: Stableford scoring added as a report option. Fixed Movie Player Crash for pre-3.1.3 devices.
  • What are the changes for version 1.0.5?
    Version 1.0.5: fixes Game Name editing for total-round scoring and iPad scrolling on Tour Setup for Player and Course selection.
  • What are the changes for version 1.0.6?
    Version 1.0.6: fixes Course Handicap calculation error and adds an option to select either the USA or European method of calculating course handicap. See FAQ above for details (Course Handicap is incorrect!).
  • What are the changes for version 1.1.0?
    Version 1.1.0: includes the following: Bug fix for Skins Scoring Error - Random error in the calculation of Skins Winner. A Major Scoring improvement for detailed scoring, you may now save a score by advancing the rotary tool for hole selection. You no longer have to touch Save after each hole to update the player's score for that hole, when you change to a different hole, the score on the screen will automatically be saved. So if you are scoring a tournament with a larger number of players, you will find this new feature very handy! Unfortunately, this means the method described in version 1.0.6 for skipping the scoring of a hole had to be reversed (in a Stableford event when the Player's stokes are no longer usable). Since moving the hole rotary tool will now score the hole automatically, you may not skip scoring a hole as described in version 1.0.6. The new method would be to advance the Gross Strokes to 12, which will ensure no Stableford score. Bug Fix for Title on 4 Player 2-Best Ball Report (text indicated it was a 2 Player Best Ball Report in error). New option on Player Detail Screen to allow you to freeze the handicap calculation function of tour•bot™ to force use of the initial handicap entered for a Player.
  • What are the changes for version 1.1.1?
    version 1.1.1: The report menu has been restructured to be easier to read and use, simplified versions to all of the scoring reports called "Short-form", email attachments of results as well as included in the message body, report sorts have been expanded and improved with sorts either on the relevant score (Net Strokes, Stableford if selected, or Player name if scores are not available at the time of sort selection), all reports to report Front and Back scores for all games, fixed a bug in Skins reports where multi-event tours report the skins results incorrectly starting with the second event, HTML improvements for Windows users, Match Player Scoring for head-to-head and team competitions.
  • What are the changes for version 1.2.0?
    Version 1.2.0: Bump™ technology has been added to allow the rapid wireless exchange of Tour information and settings, Players, events and scores between iDevices. 3G or Internet required for operation. Additional "quick entry" mode for adjusted gross scores. This is enabled in the Tour Games setup screen and is a universal setting (which means it applies to all Tours, not just the Tour you are editing). Enabling this option when setting up a tour for Detail scoring, will then substitute a quick-entry panel for the rotary scoring tool to allow you to enter all adjusted gross scores for a Player, hole by hole, using the Next key on the pop-up keyboard to advance to the next hole for that player. While you are scoring using this system, tour•bot™ will display the hole information to the right (Hole #, Par, Handicap Rank) and will score Front and Back as those holes are completed. On the iPad, you will be able to see the Player table while you are scoring, so that all progress statistics are displayed during entry. NOTE TO OUR STABLEFORD GOLFERS: Using this entry method, you will be able to enter a -1 for a score, which in Stableford scoring report will mean that the hole is lost and there is no need to record the strokes. Please note: Automatic Handicap calculation is not possible using this scoring technique so you will have to freeze all Player's handicap on the Player Setup screen if this Stableford scoring technique is used. iPad Detail scoring has been improved with both the new quick-entry system described above and the rotary tool scoring in that the Player table remains visible behind the tool (though you may not change the Player you are scoring without touching "Cancel" or "Save" at the top of the screen. This allows the continuous display of scoring statistics for the Player to be available while you complete scoring for that Player. Pairing bug found that caused a quit on when attempting to delete a Tour. If you visited the pairing screen sometime during the session and then attempted to delete the Tour, tour•bot™ would quit and upon restart, operate as expected, problem fixed. Reports for 4-Player 2-Best Ball tournaments with pairing at the Event level would quit the tour•bot™, problem fixed. Running reports for any 2, 4 Player, Skins, and Match Play scoring before all players had been scored would cause tour•bot™ to quit, problem fixed. The app nows displays a dialog that all players must be scored before these reports can be run. Deleting a Team from the pairing screen without first removing the team Players first would cause tour•bot™ to quit, problem fixed. Fixed the calculation method for handicap for scratch golfers to not show the value as a negative zero (-0) when handicap differential calculation was between 0.0 and -1.0. This also corrects the display of course handicap for new events. Changed all Player handicap displays to show first decimal point of precision for handicap differential. Modified keyboard for entry of Player handicap in the Player Setup screen to allow decimal point entry. We have modified the attachment of the scoring report to the mail message to make it a gZip archive. This reduces the size of the email dramatically (and thereby reduces your data usage to send these emails). gZip utilities for all platforms are available, free of charge, from the following location: Windows http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/downlinks/gzip-bin-zip.php / Mac OS X built-in support, no download required. Further optimization of memory utilization for tour•bot™ to ensure reliable operation.
  • What are the changes for version 1.2.1?
    Version 1.2.1: adds a USA-focused Course Ratings and Slope database (see FAQ Loading Course Info). Two new short-form reports for the Event and Tour Leader-board have been added for total-round scoring. Fixed sort bug for Event and Tour Leader-boards for Net and Stableford sorting.
  • What are the changes for version 1.2.2?
    Version 1.2.2: updates all documentation within the tour•bot™ to reflect all changes since version 1.0. Further Memory optimization reduces the tour•bot™ over 10MB from 1.2.1 size (a 37.3 percent reduction).
  • What are the changes for version 1.2.3?
    Version 1.2.3: Preview display of tournament reports on iPhone and iPod Touch can now be rotated to allow reading without zooming the screen. Use the Rotate button in the upper right corner of the screen when in the Display screen under Reports under Tournament Detail screen. Review scores for Players while scoring a tournament event. When not actively scoring a Player, a new score card icon appears on the upper righthand side of the Player selection scoring screen to allow you to see all scores entered up to that point. Improved top-level Tours and Players screen to factor plural words properly. Fixed bug in Tours screen that caused problems with the 10th or greater tournament.
  • What are the changes for version 1.2.4?
    Version 1.2.4: Three new games thanks to KevinJ: Blind Nine (event-level only), Callaway (tour and event-level), Quota (tour and event-level) Games added to the Report options. Detailed descriptions of these games are available from the Information screen when the Internet is available. Access the new games by touching the > (play) button in the top right hand of the Reports screen. Touch it again to return to the original screen. All reports selected on either screen will Display, Print or Email as expected. Future games will add an additional screen accessed in the same manner. You may Bump tournament data to older versions of tour•bot back to version 1.2.0 but for the complete functionality of these new games, all tournament participants should update to version 1.2.4. Fixed icon for AirPrint on retina display. Added last, first name to Player top-level screen. Tour Event score reports now included Player's Course Handicap in the sort routine to force the higher course handicap players to the top in the case of a tie score.
  • What are the changes for version 1.2.5?
    Version 1.2.5: Quick update to add 2 and 4 Player best ball scoring for Blind Nine tournaments.
  • What are the changes for version 1.2.6?
    Version 1.2.6: Fixed bug in Tour Event Scheduling screen when there were many courses associated with the Tour. If the course selected for scheduling was further down the list, the wrong course would be scheduled-bug fixed. Added quick link on Information section table to send email to your•bot support to send email from within tour•bot™. Modified QuickEntry for Gross Strokes and Multi-Page Report Display to animate from the side. Added swipe gesture to Report menu to access additional report option. Added swipe gestures to Tour Detail screen to open and close Players and Courses selection screens, left, down to open, right, up to close. When no selection screens are open, you may use the lower portion of the screen, when a selection window is open, you may use the upper part of the screen. Added tee time selection to Tour Event scheduling. Added display of scheduled time to display of Tour Events. Expanded display of event date to include time. Fixed bug in leader-board printing of dates.
  • What are the changes for version 1.2.7?
    Version 1.2.7: Peoria Tournament Scoring game added. Updated Bump API to v2.0. Faster and more reliable network connections. Fixed crash with Bump transfer of Player non-scored rounds. Fixed tour•bot™ App Defaults in Settings to include Gross Scoring Method and EU Handicap application options.
  • What are the changes for version 1.2.8?
    Version 1.2.8: Crash Bug found in iOS 3.x device while in Report generation, Bug fixed. Added application Settings option for tour•bot™ to allow Report Menu Options to be remembered for each of your tournament. This allows you to set the specific reporting options just once for each tournament you are managing and tour•bot™ will recall the unique report settings you established for that tournament. Go to the Settings App on your iDevice and select the tour•bot™ preferences and turn ON "Save Report Options". For example, if one of your tournaments is a Callaway with holes 17 and 18 crossed-off and another is a Callaway with holes 16, 17 and 18 crossed-off as well as a team competition, tour•bot™ will remember and recall the exact settings you last used with each tournament. In the case of an iPhone or iPod Touch, tour•bot™ also restore the exact report menu you last used for this tour.
  • What are the changes for version 1.2.9?
    Version 1.2.9: Added application Settings option for tour•bot™ to allow touch sounds to be enabled in various screens within the App. Go to the Settings App on your iDevice and select the tour•bot™ preferences and turn ON "Touch Sounds On". Now selecting report options on the iPhone and iPod Touch (and even the iPad) is a little easier because you have an option to receive an audio confirmation when the button for the option is actually touched. A nice putting sound with a nice driver swing for the action buttons of eMail, Display, and Print. New data entry option in entering course par and ranking information allows you switch the entry order. Two new Report options:Modified Stableford and Gross Skins for both Skins tournament formats in tour•bot™. Fixed data entry validation error in total-round scoring. Memory optimization throughout the entire program. iPhone 2G and iOS 3.0 to 3.2 compatibility fixes
  • What are the changes for version 1.3.0?
    Version 1.3.0: New Feature: Added course handicap override feature to allow you to manipulate the player's calculated course handicap at any point prior to completing scoring for that player. New Feature: You may now add a Player to more than one pairing / team if you wish. This would be used in the case of an odd number of players or perhaps if a player drops out of an event and you need to fill the opening with a wildcard. Additional memory management work to increase stability.
  • What are the changes for version 1.3.1?
    Version 1.3.1: New Feature: Adds video out support for all supported iOS devices (iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 4, etc.). This will allow you to place a leaderboard report on an external monitor and freeze it there while you return to scoring. You may refresh the external display as often as you like using the same procedure. To display a report on an external monitor: You may use either a VGA, DVI or HDMI video interface supplied by Apple. Run the report you wish to share and have it active on your iDevice screen. Now connect the external monitor adapter and adjust the resolution as you wish. After the report appears on the external monitor, you may hit the back button and return to tour•bot™ to perform additional scoring. When you wish to update the report, merely repeat the above and the app will prompt you to disconnect and reconnect the external monitor to update the screen.
  • What are the changes for version 1.3.2?
    Version 1.3.2: New Feature: Added drop round capability for Tour Leaderboard Report. Now, for tournaments scored using Detail-scoring, you can specify the number of rounds to drop from the total calculations for the Tour Leaderboard Report. This option affects the calculation of Gross, Net and Stableford (Standard and Modified) totals only.
  • What are the changes for version 1.3.3?
    Version 1.3.3: 1.3.3 New behavior: tour•bot™ will now score Net Strokes and Stableford Points for rounds with less than 18 holes scored. Previously, tour•bot™ would score these results only after all 18 holes have been scored. Now 9-hole rounds (or any number of holes completed) will be scored. New behavior: Previously, selecting Short-form option with Stableford results would show Net Strokes and Stableford points, the new behavior is to show Gross Strokes and Stableford points. (This behavior has been further modified in 1.3.7)
  • What are the changes for version 1.3.4?
    Version 1.3.4: New Feature: TOW Quota Game added and Bug fix for tournaments with over 25 players.
  • What are the changes for version 1.3.5?
    Version 1.3.5: Bump API Updated to 2.0.2.
  • What are the changes for version 1.3.6?
    Version 1.3.6: Bug Fix: Memory error fixed in Course Handicap override for tournaments with a large number of players.
  • What are the changes for version 1.3.7?
    Version 1.3.7: New Feature: Gross Stableford as been added as a report option. First Step.... Make the Stableford Gross or Net Report option available on the Games screen - to do so, we had to remove the USA / EU global option switch from this screen. This option has always been available from the Settings App and that is where you must set this Course Handicap option now.
  • What are the changes for version 1.3.8?
    Version 1.3.8:iOS 5 Tested - More memory leaks fixed due to Apple's advanced development tools! Improvement: The button hit zone for several small buttons has been enlarged to make them easier to hit. For example, the + button the the Scheduling / Scoring screen for a Tour has always been difficult to hit on the first attempt. This hit zone is now twice it's former size.
  • What are the changes for version 1.4.0?
    Version 1.4.0: Emergency bug fix for iOS 5.
  • What are the changes for version 1.4.1?
    Version 1.4.1 Bug Fix: Startup movie player issued fixed. Bug Fix: Missing XIB for Stracka Tournament Listing resolved. Skins Game controls duplicated on iPad Report screen for convenience. Fixed Keychain Error message for adding password info.
  • What are the changes for version 1.4.2?
    Version 1.4.2 Bug Fix: Minor adjustment to movie player to accommodate iOS 5.1 change: Added Settings preference to turn off the startup movie.
  • What are the changes for version 1.4.3?
    Version 1.4.3 Change: Added the Scheduling / Scoring Button to the Tour Details and Setup screen.
  • What are the changes for version 1.4.4?
    Version 1.4.4 Bug: Fixed bug in 2-Player reporting that caused the report to display Stableford results even when not selected on the report menu.
  • What are the changes for version 1.4.5?
    Version 1.4.5 Fixed bug in Skins scoring that was related to the second event and the fact that unique player identification was not being done. Now you can keep same named people separate.
  • What are the changes for version 1.4.6?
    Version 1.4.6 Feature: Added disclosure button on Scheduling / Scoring screen for cases where Player scoring records had been created but no score entered (actually, it will indicate the presence of of complete or non-completed scoring record but the scoring is not complete). Fixed bug in tour•botPro regarding null response from Stracka for handicap information. iOS 5.1 testing.
  • What are the changes for version 2.0.0?
    Version 2.0.0 Features: For iOS v5.x, Internet Leader Board scoring / score sharing. See feature guide at http://golfscoring.co/tourbotV2Features.pdf Change: Short-form for Stableford to eliminate Gross Strokes or Net score display. Feature: Check all setup parameters that could affect accurate scoring BEFORE scoring starts. Plus for iOS v5.x, fix utility to correct scoring record with bad setup info. Bug Fix: A few Report options were not being saved properly. Fixed. Feature: Scoring screen now allows filtering out players not in your foursome.
  • What are the changes for version 2.0.1?
    Version 2.0.1 Bug Fixes: All known errors / bugs around Unicode characters and the internet-based Leader Board has been resolved. In addition, we discovered another related bug in the case that there was players without first name or last name. This was fixed that as well. A bug with handling European date format was discovered and fixed that impacted the sort order of events on the Internet-based Leader Boards. Feature: The V2 Features PDF manual from the web site added to both Apps under the information tab for easy access. Feature: Added an additional scoring result to the "Detailed Player Results" report, "Adjusted Gross Strokes with ESC" (ESC = Equitable Stroke Control) for submission to your club Handicap committee (if applicable).
  • What are the changes for version 2.0.2?
    Version 2.0.2 fixes minor memory leaks that caused crashes.
  • What are the changes for version 2.0.3?
    Version 2.0.3 allows the customization of the modified Stableford point system as per your local rules. There is a new preference for tour•bot / tour•botPro in the Apple-supplied App "Settings". This new preference is called "Stableford Modified". It is also available in the iPad version on the report screen. By default (the first time you run the new version), it will load the following string to define modified stableford scoring: @"2,-3,1,-1,0,0,-1,2,-2,5,-3,8". It is a series of number pairs, first the stroke result vs. par so 2 = two over par, -1 = one under par.
  • Need more help?
    Please see the detailed information available for all screens built in to tour•bot™ under Information.